This is a new direction I am taking. I love doing portraits and wanted to make them magic with the content pertaining to the persons interests. This is the first one of this new series. A couple of people have contacted me concerning portriats of their pets also. I LOVE animals…on my website are a lot of examples of pet portraits I have done. I can use this style and technique to portray your beloved furry, feathery or scaly member of the family along with your kids, parents, friends….or yourself for that matter!

I have been told that there is something to be had in “word of mouth”…SO…for every portrait I complete referred by you…you will get a percentage off of the portrait I do for you!

Alice by Aura Ever

Tessa by Aura Ever



A lot of people have been asking me where my work is when they contact me about particular pieces they see on my website. To clear this up I am making this entry to tell you.

The following paintings are in THE FREEPORT SQUARE GALLERY in Freeport, Me. I just changed them out today. So if you have seen my work there before, these are new! If you are interested in any of these, please contact the gallery for more info! There will be an opening Friday the 13th of August. Come and see an amazing group art show and nibble on some good stuff in the company of the Artists!


Wings On Waves by Aura Ever


Spirits Ride And Fly


The following paintings are in THE ART GALLERY in Stowe, Vt. They will be there for 6 months. If your’e interested in these paintings contact Holly or Donna!

Hearts In Karma


Wild Flower Warrior Flow

Wild Flower Warrior Flow









So…I ended up doing a mini art fair on the lawn of this fab gallery in Stowe, Vermont last Sat. and Sun. Donna and Holly who organized it and run the gallery were great! The gallery is beautiful and filled with eclectic art, art objects, and mystical…magical items longing to go home with you!!!! I was in awe at how beautiful that space is.

ANYWAY…there weren’t many people walking through the streets….but everyone that did came over, spoke to us, and were genuinely interested in what we did. The quality reigned over quantity! And Stowe is very beautiful. I ended up leaving 2 of my favorite paintings in THE ART GALLERY in Stowe, Vt….I know they will be happy there for a while. From there, I foresee them finding new homes where they will live happily ever after!  : ) Anyway, thanks Donna and Holly for making our weekend a great experience. Check their gallery out!


The Art Gallery in Stowe

Donna Ellerystoweartgallery@gmail.com

P.O. Box 247

Stowe, VT 05672