I took a 5 hour road trip through the White Mountains to Stowe, Vermont to a gallery called The Art Gallery for 5 days where I set up with my art cards, jewelry, paintings, purses and pillows to be sold during the 2 day weekend event (Feb 26 and 27). I stayed at the owners beautiful home,  and had very enriching experiences with them all! I received a lot of spiritual body work by really lovely people, took some interesting photos, and got to see a lot of Vermont snow fall! I actually got snowed in and stayed days longer than anticipated. I got a commission for a Fantasy Portrait which made me very happy because I love children and love painting them in a world worthy of their own wild, raw and bigger than life imaginations!

It was a fun, expressive, winter diversion!

Here’s a photo of a couple of stunning horses in love….

and 2 fleeting illusions of deer I caught on the run! They were SO fast and skittish…like a vision in a dream!!!!!