I am finally doing this! I drove down through Maine and New Hampshire to Boston as the red hued full moon rose from behind the horizon. It was truly breathtaking. I hung my art the next morning. My parking angels made sure that I got one of the two free parking spots right there at the restaurant : ) …and I just happened to have the exact amount of paintings for each allotted spot in the restaurant. The lighting in Christopher’s bounces  and dances off the glitter paint and reflective paper I use on my paintings and enhances their magical aspect! It is so perfect. I tried to capture that in the photo’s below but didn’t have a tripod, so they only portray the ambiance of Christopher’s…and how my work fits right into the great energy there. For me the show is a success because I could see that what I had been feeling at the time I created each of the pieces was resonating out of them by everybody’s reaction when they looked at them and spoke about them…they made people happy and this made  me happy…and that’s why I make art…to touch people!!

A lot of friends and family came at different intervals during the night…I was in good company and I sold one piece…We “Who” Are

My little owl friends are flying to a new home. Now all the other paintings have 5 weeks to find new homes to live in. I will miss them but I set them free into the universe on new adventures, I wish them all safe and happy journeys!

There are mirrors everywhere that reflect paintings from across the room.

I was so lucky to have this wall…it was perfect for these three big paintings.

This shows the great ambiance…fireplace…lighting…mirrors…this place has such good energy!

This is a pic I took of the table my sister and I reserved, from 6:30 till 11:30 it was full, people came and left, then new people came and left…a continuous cirlce of friends and family…it was really fun to hang out with everybody!

You can see my arm pointing as I was explaining my process to “my peeps”!

Simple As Love competing with the TV…it’s a test…if you’d rather stare at my painting, I’ll hang out with you! I don’t own a TV anymore!